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Kouvola Finland
June 25th to 28th


1. This set of rules regards the 3rd European InZane, taking place in the Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Kouvola, Finland and other locations visited by its participants from 25th to 28th of June 2009, hereinafter referred to as “the Rally”.

2. Any person registered by managers of the 3rd European InZane in accordance with the list available at the reception desk may participate in the Rally.

3. Each participant receives an identification badge which shall be visibly placed during the Rally and to be presented upon request of authorized person. The badge authorizes its holder to participate in all events in the Rally.

4. The identification badge is given to the participant only once, no duplicates will be given.

5. All participants are required to wear helmets when driving.

6. All participants are required to have a valid traffic and personal insurance.

7. According to Finnish law you are not allowed to ride when enjoying any toxics. The absolute limit for blood’s alcohol level is 0,5.

8. All participants are required to ride in the formed column at the speed indicated by the group’s leader who shall be marked accordingly.

9. All participants must follow the given instructions by the VRCC Crew before and during the ride.

10. All participants are personally liable for safety of their own and others in the traffic.

11. The organisers do not take any responsibility of any damages, to person nor property, caused by actions of participants to any third party in question.

12. The organisers are not liable regarding participant’s damages, to person nor property, caused by actions taken by a third party.

13. Only by accepting these rules, registration is possible.