VRCC Finland is proud to welcome you as our guest to Finland . We hope you enjoy your stay with us and are happy with the arrangements we have done beforehand.


Next you'll find the program with timetables. See also more detailed information about our day tours on Friday and Saturday.


Thursday 25 th


14.00 22.00 Registration begins (Did you fill your bike?!)

18.30 21.00 Finnish style dinner buffet

22.00 Opening of the 3 rd European InZane in Marilyn

22.30 04.00 Disco in the evening restaurant Marilyn and karaoke in Estrad


Friday 26 th


06.30 10.30 Breakfast

10.30 18.30 Registration continues

10.45 - Day trip starts be ready! (more info in next page )

17.00 Back in the hotel - cold drinks available in the bar

16.00 19.00 Possibility to sauna with Jacuzzi. Three separate saunas, one for ladies.

18.30 21.00 Dinner buffet

22.00 04.00 Jone's Bros band is entertaining us in Marilyn


Saturday 27 th


07.30 10.30 Breakfast

10. - Parade starts from the hotel (more info in next page)

16.30 Back in the hotel cold drinks available in the bar

16.00 19.00 VRCC's Saunas available, three separate saunas, one for ladies.

18.00 18.30 State Rep's meeting, 1 st floor, meeting room

18.30 21.00 Dinner buffet

22.00 04.00 Jone's Bros band is entertaining us in Marilyn


Sunday 28 th


08.00 11.00 Breakfast & see you next year!

Common information:


Special pricing for us in the Hotel's bars:

  • Beer (0,4) and cider (0,33) from draft 3,50 €
  • Salmari/Jäger/Fisu/Leijona shots (4cl) 3,50 €


Night food:

  • Sausages from grill 3€


If you have anything to ask, please don't hesitate to consult our InZane STAFF, we are happy to help you.


Mobile numbers: Sokos Hotel Vaakuna:

Lasse +358 50 410 1832 +358 20 1234 651

Jaana +358 50 994 2361




  • Take care that your bike is filled before the ride outs.
  • Take enough warm cloths and be prepared for rain showers - according to the weather forecast.
  • All timetables are estimates and can vary depending on the traffic and weather conditions.
  • Always follow the given instructions


Friday 26 th


•  Start your engines! We head our bikes towards Verla museum mill, which is in UNESCO's World Heritage List. (56 km)


•  Lunch in Verla ( Verlantie 295, 47850 Verla)

•  Trip continues with the scenery of lakes, forests and fields (70 km)


15.00 Break in Vihantasalmi Neste station, refreshments available on your own cost ( Vihannanranta 1, 52700 MÄNTYHARJU )


•  Return trip to Kouvola through town of Mäntyharju (95 km)


16.30 Pitstop in Valkeala ABC-station, 10km's before Kouvola ( Kalevantie 1, 45370 Valkeala)

- Fill your bike ready for Friday ride.

- There is also a cafeteria, shop and Alko (beverages)


Your own ride back to hotel, the route is marked with VRCC signs.


17.00 Arrival to Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Kouvola (Hovioikeudenkatu 2, 45100 Kouvola)

231 km driving during Friday


Saturday 27 th


10.30 Parade to the city centre, where we stay for a while (2 km)


11.30 Day trip starts, heading to the very eastern part of Finland (51 km)


12.30 Lunch in city of Hamina , Restaurant Tullimakasiini (Tervasaari, 49400 Hamina)


13.45 Do you enjoy curves? Now you learn what a road with curves is (93 km)


15.00 Short break in Somerharju ST1 service station, refreshments available on your own cost ( Venäläisenkyläntie 1, 54580 Somerharju)


15.30 Trip continues (47 km)


•  Back in the hotel


193 km driving during Saturday.